Location: Coastal Louisiana

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Main Image: Gulf Coast: Work in Progress
Gulf Coast: Work in Progress
Dee Davis and the Center for Rural Strategies developed a media campaign to illustrate the struggles of rural Gulf Coast residents to re-establish their lives after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The project aimed to help Americans understand conditions along the rural Gulf Coast and explore how America's failure to formulate effective rural policy is reaping disaster.
Video Gulf Coast: Work in Progress Gulf Coast: Work in Progress

Main Image: The Insurance Transparency Project
The Insurance Transparency Project
Dean Starkman took an in-depth look at the insurance industry through his blog, InsuranceTransparencyProject.com, which offers commentary and original reporting on political, legal, and corporate news affecting the insurance aftermath; he contributed to several newspapers and is also working on a book and a data-collection project in Bay St. Louis, MS.
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Main Image: Post-Katrina Pioneers
Post-Katrina Pioneers
Annette Foglino reported on people with exceptional perseverance, who not only survived the storm but have found the will and the means to rebuild the Gulf Coast in unique ways.
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Main Image: Toxic Trailers
Toxic Trailers
Amanda Spake researched and reported on the long-term impact of Katrina on the health of Gulf Coast residents; special focus was given to residents who had moved into FEMA-supplied trailers, which are now creating a major health care crisis of their own.
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