Project: Post-Katrina Pioneers
Main Image: Post-Katrina Pioneers
Annette Foglino reported on people with exceptional perseverance, who not only survived the storm but have found the will and the means to rebuild the Gulf Coast in unique ways.
Annette Foglino

Annette Foglino's research is focused on people she calls "post-disaster pioneers"—that is, people determined to rebuild in the face of immense obstacles—and the issues raised by their journey to recovery.

These pioneers range from ordinary citizens facing the aftereffects of disaster trauma to leaders in the community who come up with creative ways to help others put their lives back together—initiating daycare and legal services, for example, or publishing newsletters and organizing anti-violence programs.

Foglino has interviewed a number of psychologists and other experts on the latest treatments for disaster trauma. She has also done research on what will happen to the diverse and indigenous cultures of New Orleans, such as the Mardi Gras Indians.