Issue: Criminal Justice
New Orleans claims the highest murder rate in the United States, and Louisiana the highest incarceration rate of all the states. The hurricane exacerbated problems with the criminal justice system there that were already of paramount concern to local governments and nationwide policymakers.
Main Image: After the Storm: Life in the Crescent City
After the Storm: Life in the Crescent City
Eve Troeh was the only public radio reporter on the ground full-time in New Orleans after Katrina; she reports on public safety, housing, and cultural rebuilding.
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Main Image: Generation Katrina
Generation Katrina
Youth Radio partnered with local New Orleans youth media groups, schools, non-profit organizations, and individual young people to create Generation Katrina: Youth Voices from New Orleans.
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Main Image: New Orleans Now: Weathering the Storm
New Orleans Now: Weathering the Storm
Tena Rubio developed the Katrina Uncovers/New Orleans Now series for the National Radio Project; as part of the project, she produced a 30-minute show on street art, a one-hour show about New Orleans two years after Katrina and a three-part series on the immigrant/migrant workforce in New Orleans
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Main Image: N.O. Justice
N.O. Justice
Chris Tetens and Lauren Thompson are producing the feature-length documentary N.O. Justice, about the failures of the New Orleans criminal justice system and the efforts of a few individuals determined to change it.
Video N.O. Justice N.O. Justice
Main Image: Struggling to Make It
Struggling to Make It
Katy Reckdahl covered the working poor in New Orleans, their struggles to return to the city after Katrina, and the hurdles they faced once they arrived home.
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