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Still Standing

In this video by filmmakers from the Educational Video Center's Youth Organizers Television (YO-TV), we meet Ms. Gertrude Ross—a determined New Orleans homeowner, Katrina survivor, and grandmother—who travels regularly from temporary housing in Houston, Texas, to what remains of her home in Gretna. Caught in the midst of a real-estate frenzy without insurance money or rebuilding assistance, Ms. Gertrude fights for the right to return home.

Her story reveals all-too-familiar issues in urban American communities: the neglect of poor and minority neighborhoods, the inadequacy of public assistance to provide long-term solutions, and the struggles necessary to bring about positive change.


YO-TV Filmmakers:
Luis Arcentales
Vanessa Bateau
Jeongwoon Eun
Ines Morales
Adrianne Morraz
Sergio Sanchez

YO-TV Director: Lindsay Fauntleroy

Original Music by: Kyle Lorde

© 2006 Educational Video Center


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