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Project: Still Standing

Filmmakers from the Education Video Center's Youth Organizers Television (YO-TV) created a documentary titled Still Standing, which provides an intimate portrayal of the challenges faced by Hurricane Katrina survivors six months after the storm. Daina is a single mother looking for housing, employment, and the chance to reunite with her children. Gertrude is a grandmother struggling to return home and rebuild. Her son Bilal's post-Katrina experiences in New York City drive him to become politically active. These three individuals' stories reveal all-too-familiar issues in urban American communities: the neglect of poor and minority neighborhoods, the inadequacy of public assistance to provide long-term solutions, and the struggles necessary to bring about positive change.

The project has won a CINE Golden Eagle Award, as well as awards from WorldFest—Houston International Film Festival; Media That Matters Film Festival, and Reel Teens Film Festival. Still Standing has been screened at seven other film festivals, including the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.


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