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Two youth media producers from New York City's Downtown Community Television Center's PRO-TV program, 16-year-old Sade Falebita and 17-year-old Suprena Henderson, traveled to New Orleans to investigate the situation after Katrina. They teamed up with two native New Orleans filmmakers, 19-year-old Briceshanay Gresham, and 18-year-old Rodneka Shelbia, and local partners to uncover answers about where displaced families have gone, who has returned, and what consequences Katrina has had on their lives.

Over a period of three weeks in July 2006, the young producers worked together to conduct in-depth investigations and interviews to learn how people of all ages are coping with the situation; how art is being used for healing; how residents are rising up without government support; and how issues of race, culture, and poverty continue to play a central role in recovery, relief, and revitalization efforts.

The team produced two videos, entitled Not As Seen On TV and Talking Water. The first offers a critical youth perspective on the events following the failure of the levees and the resiliency of displaced residents who have returned, determined to rebuild their lives and their beloved city. The second documents the four young producers as they make a film about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, one year later. The piece weaves together multiple points of view, alternating between footage shot by them and footage about them. It offers a window into their feelings about Katrina, America, and growing up in chaotic times.


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