Photographs by Radcliffe Roye
Image: Lives Out of Context: A Hurricane of Race
Radcliffe Roye

Radcliffe Roye's photographs portray African American residents of New Orleans. While Roye photographed some residents in front of damaged houses and piles of rubble, placing them within the context of their Katrina-affected lives, he photographed others at mid-distance, giving us a more intimate look at the individual men, women, and children working hard to remain in their city and rebuild their lives.

Roye is one of ten members of Kamoinge—a New York-based collective of African American photographers—who documented communities ravished by the hurricane and the far-reaching effects on the area's economic, social, and racial fabric. The resulting body of work explores the despair, as well as the hope and resilience, of residents who have lived in these communities for generations.