Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans
Lolis Eric Elie
Dawn Logsdon

In this excerpt from their feature-length documentary, Lolis Eric Elie and Dawn Logsdon bring to life the rich history of black New Orleans through an in-depth look at one neighborhood, Faubourg Tremé. Told in the first person, the film uncovers important and largely unknown social, cultural, and political activities among free blacks in the early 1800s. The filmmakers examine the spirit of the past through literary, musical, and architectural artifacts left behind, and the impact of Katrina on the neighborhood's history and future.


Wynton Marsalis, Executive Producer
Stanley Nelson, Executive Producer
Dawn Logsdon, Director/Editor
Lolis Eric Elie, Writer/Narrator
Lucie Faulknor, Producer

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