World Vision Report Stories
Eve Troeh's radio stories, spanning many facets of post-Katrina life in New Orleans and beyond, aired widely on public radio stations and programs. The stories included below were broadcast on World Vision Report. Follow the links to listen to these stories on World Vision Report's website.
Image: After the Storm: Life in the Crescent City
Eve Troeh

No Schools in NOLA
Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans's public education system. At the close of the 2006 school year, only a handful of schools had reopened, leaving mostly poor children without access to education. Originally broadcast June 25, 2006.

Katrina: One Year Later
Eve Troeh reported on the effects of Hurricane Katrina from almost the moment it hit. In doing so, she came across a variety of compelling stories of the struggle to rebuild. In this segment, Troeh offers listeners a piece of her journey. Originally broadcast August 20, 2006.

FEMA Wants Money Returned
Last summer, FEMA sent a letter to Sheila Moore saying that it wanted her to return $15,000 in emergency aid money. That's almost an entire year's salary for Moore, who works as a janitor. She is just one of many who received similar letters. Eve Troeh talks with Moore and her attorney about FEMA's complex regulations, which seemingly discriminate against the poor. Originally broadcast April 22, 2007.